University of the Philippines medical alumni society in america (UPMASA)

The objective is to build a new structure to replace the totally damaged elementary school building (grade one, with three classrooms) and repair of the grade 5 building of the islet of Hilantagaan. This way, the children will not have to hold their classes in tents and makeshift structures. The added benefit is to build the structures to be strong enough to withstand the next super typhoon so it can be used as an evacuation shelter by the residents of Hilantagaan. The outcome is a totally new building to house the first grade and a repair of the old building for the 5th grade.

Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation (PNAAF)

Reduce MMR and IMR by building capacity of adult and teen mothers, high school students and healthcare teams for maternal and child health promotion through education, training and mentorship, and provision of accessible quality reproductive and child health services.

Philippine association of metropolitan washington engineers (Pamwe) & feed the hungry (FtH)

The devastation caused by Typhoon YolandalHaiyan in 2013 caused much infrastructure damage to the Visayan Islands (notably Leyte) including a number of school buildings and displaced thousands of individuals. This devastation exacerbated an existing shortage of school buildings. In 2010, the Aquino administration noted that 66,813 additional classrooms would be needed by 2014 to cope with an expected influx of elementary school children and that much of this new construction would have to be borne by the private sector1. The loss of life caused by Typhoon Haiyan highlighted the need for evacuation centers in typhoon prone areas of the Philippines. As a result, there is a need for both the building of new schools and the construction of evacuation centers in the region capable of withstanding damaging typhoons and earthquakes. This need was validated by Chairman of Filipino Overseas (CFO) Imelda M. Nicholas who, in a letter to Feed-The-Hungry, identified the specific need for the construction of a new schoolhouse in San Roque-Poblacion, Leyte to alleviate the overcrowding resulting from classroom destruction by Typhoon Yolanda2.

Philippine nurses association of metropolitan dc, inc. (pnamdc)

Supporting orphans for the prevention of human trafficking.

Migrant Heritage Commission (MHC)

Assistance and Capacity-Building for Rebuilding Communities of Farmers in Selected Communities of Carigara , Leyte with Vibrant Ecology; creating educational opportunities for the youths of Carigara, Leyte under the scholarship fund drive : Iskolar ng Bayan ( Scholars of the Country) ; Sustainable Medical missions and provision of medical services in selected communities in the Municipality of Carigara, Leyte.

World Bank Group - IMF Filipino Staff Association (WBIFA)

Land Preparation and Establishment of Contour Farming as Livelihood Recovery and Rebuilding for Small Farmers in the Municipality of Matag-ob, Leyte

Filipino Family Fund (FFF)

Through PREDA Foundation: Protecting children, especially orphans from human traffickers, with the following services:
1. Delivering educational seminars and psych-social therapeutic sessions for survivors and children.
2. Providing the most vulnerable children with shelter, food, and education.

Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP)

The proposal aims at providing quality housing on land that has already been donated by the Archdiocese of Palo specifically for this purpose. ANCOP proposes to build an entire village that delivers programs to improve not only the living standard of the beneficiaries but that contributes to the economic reconstruction of the area.

ANCOP USA in Partnership with the developer of Butterfly homes will provide 20 transitional homes to Typhoon victims Yolanda.

Philippine Medical Association of Metro DC (PMAMDC)

1) Repair portions of the covered court damaged by the typhoon, specifically the roofing and supporting structures
2) Repaint the existing structure
3) Renovate existing structures
4) Build /purchase additional structures including benches, lighting, scoreboard